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The Use of Tea Enhancers



Speaking of winter months, we love adding extra Cinnamon to our teas in the fall and winter, here at the cottage, in order to give everyone an extra tingling of warmth, which is truly a delightful experience.  There are also great healing properties to cinnamon and the synergistic blend of the two, tea and cinnamon is phenomenal. 

Coconut Oil:


Also, for and extra tropical flavor and a boost for good health and great loving care for your skin, we sometimes love to add 1 TBS of the Coconut Oil to our Black teas along with a splash of coconut milk or cow milk and Young Living lavender essential oil, for a totally Creamy Tropical Vacation Experience, which is a great getaway in the winter months.  If you and yours are like us, it will be your own Tropical Oasis.



Also, Honey is a must in teas, especially our Green Teas.  I’m sure we’ve all had it, but local raw honey is the best.  It not only tastes great, but is healthy for you as well.

Essential Oils:


Our favorite is the Young Living Essential Oil, Lavender.  Just one drop or two in our English Breakfast Tea is a real WINNER every time, here at our cottage...  The oil instantly awakens your senses with tranquility of peace, not to mention an added bonus of boosting your immune system and helping with allergies.  I, mum, used to suffer terribly from allergies, especially cigarette smoke; my reaction was almost anaphylactic.  After a dear friend of ours introduced us to the Young Living Lavender Oil and told me about taking two drops under my tongue for allergies or in my tea, I've been allergy-free ever since.  I use it daily, especially when the pollen counts are high.  It's amazing how God created plants and their oils with such healing properties, not only to help us with our body’s dysfunction but to also restore our cells to their original blueprint for complete function, as well. This is why I no longer have allergies like I used to.  Do realize, these healing benefits only happen if the oils are distilled properly.  Whenever I talk about oils, I feel it is very important to always give the disclaimer that not all oils are created equal, especially after I almost died from smelling the wrong brand of oil… Could you imagine, what would have happened had I ingested the oil?  Thank God, for His Mercy and Grace. :)  Again, when selecting an essential oil, I wouldn't use just any out on the market today, especially those brands who are cheap knock offs, trying to imitate Young Living and are all about hype and imitation.  Oh, I used to use all of them, until I learned the hard way and ended up in hospital from toxic poisoning, which led to a host of other problems.  It is crazy to think that I have been an aromatherapist, esthetician and reflexologist for over 15 years, and in all my time in practicing, never knew there was such a difference in oils until this horrible experience.  It was this horrible experience that led me to search my oils more carefully and only use the best, which again, we feel is Young Living.  It was in my quest of searching for the purest of oils, that I realized it is all about the seed to seal process and the distillation of the oils that either makes or breaks the oil and its claim to being therapeutic grade and then determines it purity.  Again, it’s the distillation process, which one must look at in order to find truly pure oil.  Contact the manufacture and ask them about their distillation process.  If they can’t answer or answer with a high number for distilling or have expiration dates on their oils, be careful.  Pure oil can last for thousands of years. Ones that expire have hidden fillers that can be very deadly to you, especially if you consume them. Remember, the more distillation the less health benefits, the less distillation the more the health benefits. It’s this distillation process or the seed to seal process, as it is known, that has set Young Living apart from the other companies. Young Living has set the standard for essential oils excellence and has been in business for over 30 years.   That alone says a lot. It’s amazing to us, to see and experience the graciousness and commitment that the founder of Young Living, Gary Young, requires to be displayed in every bottle of oil by demanding and reassuring only the purest quality oil be put into every bottle. He is so committed to the purity of these oils, he was even once placed in a distillery machine, at temperatures above 100 degrees, in order to find and maximize the best way to distill each flower, fruit and spice in order to ensure the highest quality of oil.  Talk about commitment and determination. It's this commitment and determination you'll experience in each drop of your oil and we hope you give them a try today.  We know they will become a staple at your home like they are at our cottage.

Tea Enhancers are just that, they enhance the flavors of the tea by bringing out the substance of the tea, be that from the fruits, flowers, spices or from the teal leaves themselves.  We feature cinnamon, coconut, essential oils and honey, which are a few of our favorites, in order to bring out even more of the best tastes of our already natural & 100% Certified Organic teas.


Try any of these Delightful Extras in your tea and Start Enjoying New Enhancements of Flavors and Sensations like never before.  

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