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Hints of Warmth

Also called red tea because of its vibrant, ruby red color, Rooibos (pronounced “Roy-boss”) has a sweet, full-bodied flavor without a trace of bitterness.

As a source of powerful antioxidants, rooibos strengthens the body’s immune system and contains some of the highest known levels of anti-aging properties of any plant on earth.  Rooibos is also known for its ability to replenish the skin from the inside out, promote restful sleep and aid relaxation.

Because Rooibos comes from a shrub-like botanical known as “African Red Bush” (rather than the traditional tea plant), Rooibos is considered an herbal tea.  This therapeutic herbal tea offers many of the same health-promoting properties as green tea, but is 100% caffeine-free, making it an ideal choice for evening or for people sensitive to caffeine.  Originally consumed by the Koi and San nomadic tribes of South Africa, Rooibos grows in a small area near Cape Town with no alternative source available anywhere in the world.  It is no surprise that such a remarkable, nutritious herb comes from this region.  With one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world, the Western Cape of South Africa is home to more plant species than the whole of Great Britain or New Zealand (which are 5000 times larger).  This region also has 3 times as many species per square meter than the South American rainforest.  In an area so rich in biodiversity, it is especially critical to protect the health of the environment.  Octavia Tea supports gardens that place strict controls on conservation of the environment through sustainable natural and organic farming methods.  This makes an enormous difference, not only for the health of the environment and wildlife, but also for the people living and working in this region.  Rooibos is prized for its great flavor and rich antioxidant content.   Like green tea, the potent antioxidants in Rooibos are believed to fight aging, cancer and heart disease, support the immune system and improve overall health.  Rooibos is also recommended for allergies, headaches, skin health, stress, anxiety or insomnia.

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