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The Way ofLove

FRENCH BREAKFAST,  is Organic Fair Trade Certified black tea with exoctic Organic vanilla bean and Organic rose petals added for a warm vanilla, caramel blend.


Transport yourself to a sidewalk café in Paris with this luxurious, full-bodied cup. Destined to become a classic, French Breakfast is a rich, bright black tea with notes of vanilla and caramel. This enchanting, flavorful tea is made from a traditional, antioxidant-rich black tea base enhanced with rose petals and the decadent, creamy flavor of fresh-cut vanilla bean.


French Breakfast is an invigorating accompaniment to your morning routine, or at any time of the day. Compared to other breakfast blends, English Breakfast is more traditional and astringent, whereas French Breakfast is richer with a malty, dessert-like vanilla flavor.  Real vanilla comes from the orchid plant and is considered a precious commodity throughout the world. Vanilla has an ancient history in Aztec medicine as an aphrodisiac.

One Way to Enjoy

For the Smoothest Flavor, allow water to cool to 180°F after boling and steep 1 tablespoon of tealeaves per 12 ounces of water for only 2-2.5 minutes.  Increase steeping time or strength slightly if you wish to add milk. 

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