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One of the most celebrated teas from Taiwan, this very lightly oxidized oolong (also called "Pouchong" or "Orchid Dew") has a smooth, clear flavor with a luxurious, underlying complexity. Sit back and savor this tea’s wonderful lily and lilac aromas with a tease of fresh melon and tropical fruit. Oolong tea is prized for it’s high antioxidant levels and body-slimming effects. Taiwan's oolongs are among the finest in the world.

Origin: Taiwan


$68.00 Regular Price
$58.00Sale Price

    This tea is made from 100% natural ingredients.

    Oolong tea

    Teas purchased in bulk by-the-pound quantities are packaged in a heat-sealed foil bag with a re-sealable zip lock. These sturdy, foil bags protect the tea's freshness and flavor.
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