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We're about Loving the Impossible...

​     It's a tag team effort here. Mum and daughter, Hannah and Mum or as we are known, Mum and Me.

    It thrills our hearts to be given such a Lovely Dream, our Tea Cottage and the opportunity to share that dream with you and yours, especially once it looked impossible of ever having one, when I Mum lost my ability to walk, due to an epidural gone wrong, while having Hannah.  



Mum & Me

     Despite all the physical challenges we have faced, we still Serve a Faithful and Loving God, who is more than able to do exceedingly above and beyond all we could ever imagine or think and who will truly, give us the desires of our hearts, if we just faint not but instead hold true to the promise He has placed in our hearts

     It was in the waiting for our promise, for a physical location, that Hannah's SpecialTea Cottage and Garden was birthed.  With all the obstacles that we've had to overcome, we soon realized our passion at Hannah's SpecialTea Cottage and Garden is not only to feature just TEA, but above all, HOPE and all its radiant facets in fun, helpful blogs and activities, books, videos, etc...  As well as presenting and showcasing some of the world's most spectacular teas and gardens.

     We are passionate about teas, gardens and anything beautiful, especially our time together.  To Hannah there is nothing better than time with me, her mummy.  And to me, (Mum) there is nothing better than my time with Hannah.   We think every child will agree: there is something extraordinary about their mum and her love being shared with them in time well spent together.  We know the time we (Hannah and I) spend together is a time that gives us wings to fly to new heights, and without it we would be lost and life would be very, very dull.

     Mum always says, "There is nothing more enjoyable, than a nice cup of tea served with a warm, yummy slice of Dreaming and Memories, glazed over with clear concise steps, leading to success, all presented in and amongst breathtaking gardens one finds as they take a moment to reflect on the loveliness of a Beautiful Maker."

​     At our cottage, we hope you find that, we always extend a warm cup of welcome your way and greatly hope you always feel at Home while visiting.... It is our earnest desire, as you sit down with your little one, to take a magnificent moment together, that you dream and make memories come alive by sharing a warm cup of tea and enjoying the beauty of our gardens.  As you browse our many helpful and fun blogs, actives, books, videos etc..., find the time, despite your obstacles or challenges to reflect on your worth as mother and child, and on the loveliness of our Beautiful Maker, that is shining through just for you.  Because to Him, you have and always will Be His Priceless Princess...


Sending Much Love and Many, Many, Many Blessings Your Way...


Mum & Me

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