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Welcome Home

To Hannah’s  SpecialTea  Cottage & Garden

     We’ve been waiting for you and are very happy you’ve decided to join our family of tea lovers. 

You will be receiving an e-mail momentarily,  giving you all the details for your next steps, which will be to set up access to the member-only portions of the site, as well as selecting your teas and accessing all the other member benefits.

    We are looking forward to serving you, not only through our teas but also through offering you hours of fun-filled activities, suggestions and encouragement.  We know your journey around Hannah’s Gardens, Hannah’s Heart and Mummy and Me Time will allow you and your child or children the opportunity to create lasting lifelong memories that will truly last them a lifetime.  

     You and your child or children are very valuable and completely Priceless, which is why we consider it a great honor to share in these tender years with you and your dear family; there really is no greater honor. 

     As we have said before, your satisfaction is a priority to us, not to mention a great delight and we look forward to serving you and yours, now and for many more years to come.  
Again, Welcome Home!!!


Sending Much Love and Many, Many, Many Blessings...

Mum and Me

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