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Our Teas

100% Natural & Certified Organic

At Hannah’s SpecialTea Cottage and Garden, we’ve chosen to feature only the finest of teas, which is why we have partnered with Octavia Teas.  Not all teas are created equal, and not many are certified organic.  By partnering with Octavia, we know we are offering only the finest, premium, gourmet teas.  

Octavia Tea has set the standard for quality.  They import and blend over 60 different teas and are sure to carefully source and offer only 100% natural and Certified Organic Teas.  We offer traditional, world-famous, single-estate teas, which have been harvested using 1,000-year-old techniques, as well as imaginative blends.


Again, Our teas are made using only high-quality natural and certified organic ingredients. Our blended and aromatized teas are made with fruits, flowers, herbs, spices, pure essential oils and natural flavor essences. We do not use any artificial ingredients or flavors.



Here at our Cottage as well as at Octavia Tea, we like to think of tea as an escape from the ordinary.  A time where Dreaming can come Alive - where you can find peace, restore energy, awaken the senses, enjoy conversation among friends or simply take time for yourself. Every tea has a unique flavor and style that reflects its origin, varietal, vintage and artisanal method of manufacture. We urge customers to learn to appreciate loose-leaf tea as though it were a fine wine just waiting to burst your senses into orbit.

Because everyone has different taste preferences, we offer a wide selection of teas to suit every palette and mood and know there is a perfect one, with your name on it, just waiting for you. 

Start Enjoying TODAY!!!  All the Flavors of a Gourmet Tea House, right in the comforts of

Your Own Home

You're Worth It!!!


Dark Pu-erh






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