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Book Reviews 

For Mommy

A Thriller for Sure

I love Thrillers and found this one to be a real page turner.  I personally have the privilege of knowing the author, which makes the story, even more fun but even if I didn't know here I would still find this story intriguing.  It's a face paced journey that keeps you guessing to the very end.  If you've not had the opportunity to read it before now, I highly encourage you to do so today and start an intriguing Thrill of a lifetime.   

I feel every mother needs this book on hand, in order to always be equipped for a wounded or ailing child, especially every new mother.  I found this book by my third child and would have loved to have had it before then, Thank, God I have it now and for the future.   Since, I've found this book and these Beautiful oils, I feel more empowered as a mother.  We really do know are children, if we just listen to them and ourselves.  Since, I've found this book and since I've started applying, what I've read from this book, we have been a lot better off.  If we do encounter a bug or everyday obstacles, with children, we have them taken care of right then and there and well on there way without spending days, weeks or months getting over it.  The Co-author, Sera Hopkins Johnson is a personal friend of mine and is featured on the cover with her son and has personally being using the oils in her family for years and has proof of their quality and life alternating Benefits.  If you can give any gift to yourself and your family, I would most definitely; say it would be this book and these lovely oils.

A Must for Mother's

Life Changing Concept

This book, offers, such a new fresh concept to a Beautiful century old reenactment, it is truly life changing.  If ever you've been in the church and if ever you’ve suffered from any form of sickness, then this book is a must ready and a  great book for you.  Your eyes will be open in a way they have never been open before, to a Heavenly Father, who loves you and has made all provision for you that is yours for the taking because Christ has made all provision on the Cross.  If you've ever been afraid to partake of communion or if you've never been sure of it's full meaning and benefits then this book will answer all your questions and set your life and families life on a new tract for totally Health, Healing,  Strength and Wholeness.  Since, I was diagnosed with a form of Muscular Dystrophy, at six and lost my ability to walk, when I had Hannah due to an epidural, gone wrong.  I personally, know how desperate one can get to gain, Health, Healing, Strength and Wholeness and will do almost anything for it, which is why, when, I realized everything has already been done in Christ on the Cross and all I have to do is receive, instead of getting caught up in works, which  is often easy to do if you're a church goer,  was mind blowing and yet so refreshing.  I pray this book blesses and encourages you and your family as it has me and my family.  This book and concept is truly foundational and the very thing everything else in our lives need to be built upon.  Enjoy and be blessed. :) :) :)


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