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The Family under the Bridge

This is a book, the whole family will enjoy.  It's really true, what they say, "To Never judge a book by its cover, which is what the message of this story brings out.  I, Mummy, enjoyed reliving the sights and sounds of Paris, through the book.  If you've ever been to Paris, you’ll enjoy, as well, all the lovely reminders found on every page.  I, Mummy, look forward to the day of sharing Paris with Hannah, and for now have enjoyed sharing Paris, with her, through this lovely little adventure, which takes place on the streets of Paris, found in this story.  We both agreed that when we go to Paris, we have to visit all the places we read about in the book, for Hannah it will be a first time experience, for me it will be old but new because it will be her first time.  Hopefully, you'll agree with us and enjoy this book as much as we did with all its Beautiful reminders of Paris and the all time lesson, that things are not always as they appear and there really are diamonds in the rough, just needing a little polishing in order to shine.

This is another, great book, with a great message of not judging a person by their outer appearance, or from what others have made them out to be.  We, hope you agree that, this book and it little adventure is fantastic.   It's a great story, of resilient children and their wonderful imaginations.  Children really do watch and learn from everything they see us parents do and can do more than we often give them a chance to do.  I, Mommy, felt like I was imported back to, Mayberry, as we read this story together and embarked on this lovely little adventure.  We highly encourage, Mommy and child, child and Mommy to read some of these books together and go on the same adventures.  It's great bounding time and a Memory that will last forever. :) :) :)

Boxcar Children

Johnny Appleseed

This was a fun adventure for the whole family.  When we decided to read it at the cottage, we made a whole game out of it and insisted everyone wear pots and pans on their heads and go barefoot, in order to truly have an appreciation for Johnny Appleseed and his way of life.  The little ones loved it and even though, they didn't know it, they were getting a little dose of history in every page and with every apple and pan they touched.  To enjoy more of our adventurers, with Johnny Appleseed, you can check them out in our Telling Tales Time, and embark on the journey yourselves, with us.

Johnny Appleseed-- Telling Tales
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