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Winter Flowers

Blades of Ice

December 2013

I love how the ice holds the grass. :) :) :)


Snow Tea

December 2013

I love snow on our tea bush. :) :) :)


Radiant Red

December 2013

Brilliant Colors :) :) :)​


They're not safe for my kitties, but I love looking at Poinsettias.


The Holly & The Ivy

December 2013

One of my Favorite songs!!! :) :) :)

Such a hardy plant and I love the fact it is green all year long.  I love to look at Holly and have Mummy decorate with it for the Holidays.


Christmas Cactus

December 2013

It is beautiful to watch it bloom!!! :) :) :)

Such a nice plant to look at; it’s one of mummy’s favorite.


Everlasting Evergreens

December 2013

Real is Better!!! :) :) :)

I love real evergreens.  They are not a flower, but worth mentioning for this time of year.

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