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Summer Flowers

The Yellow Rose of Texas

​June 2013

Brings Joy to my Heart!!! :) :) :)

I think of horses and lemonade when I think of yellow roses.  The smell is heavenly and Mommy says it reminds her of sweet smelling friendships that are genuine and forever life changing.  She says people may come and go in my life but a true friend will always be there, no matter how the years or miles may try and separate you and a true friends will probably fit all in one hand..

Faces of Peppermint

​June 2013

True mint, Peppermint from my Papaw & Mamaw's garden!!! :) :) :)

There sweet little flowers, remind me of bells and there leaves are always refreshing for our tea.  Nothing says refreshing, like mint, especially Peppermint.

Beauties in the Cracks

​June 2013

No matter how dry it can get, there is still hope!!!

I love how Beautiful things can appear anywhere, especially in the dry places. This flower reminds me of  the cracked pot, who thought it had no more purpose, until it was set in a beautiful flower bed, that it had created by watering these lovely creatures it's whole life through it's cracks.  It didn't know it but it had been a watering vessel.  It was in this knowledge that it really shined for the first time.  It realized it was because of it's flaws, that allowed the water to flow through in order to bring life in the dry places. My mommy says she is a cracked pot but I know she is a Beautiful watering vessel and I hope to be a watering vessel too.


Never a Broken Heart

​June 2013

I see drops of light!!! :) :) :)

These little flowers are called bleeding hearts but I rather see them as hearts dropping rays of light in order to encourage ones heart to hope, especially when things seem lost or broken.

The Softness of Peach

​June 2013

Reminds me of Pride and Prejudice!!! :) :) :)

I love the bonnets and the times long ago, so when I see this rose and it's lovely color, it always reminds me of blushing ladies and gentlemen, like Mr. Darcy eating yummy peaches.  Mommy says this pretty peach rose always reminds her of blushing babies and there sweet little coos.

The Purity of Petals

​June 2013

Perfectly White!!! :) :) :)

This is so Beautiful; I can never get enough of it.  The white is so perfect, it reminds mommy of complete innocence, like she says she sees in me.  It reminds me of her love



The Forgiveness of Red

​June 2013

Is found in the cross!!! :) :) :)

This Radiant flower is a small reminder of the reflection of the Beauty of Grace.  When I look at this Rose I'm reminded of God's love for me; I hope you are too? For God soooooooooo loved the world. He gave His ONLY son that whosoever believes on Him, would not perish but have everlasting life.

Pretty Petunias

​June 2013

​More from my Papaw & Mamaw's flower garden :) :) :)

These were my mommy's favorite flower as a child.  They are small but mighty in color. One may not seem like much but a bunch together is majestic.

Here kitty, kitty; mint time

​June 2013

Crazy for cat mint :) :) :)

This is kin to catnip and my kitties love it, so does my mommy in fact we all love the smell at my cottage.  It's easy to care fore and it grows like wild fire and hardly needs any watering.  It's one of the nicest and easiest, sweet smelling flower one could have.

Before the Last Petal falls

June 2013

No Death only Life here :) :) :)

This flower reminds me of the Beauty of life found in the story of Beauty and the Beast.  There is no magic in this flower but the magic found in the fragrance, which encourages me to dream big, knowing life can be Beautiful even in and amongst the ugly.

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