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Spring Flowers

Lighthearted Lillies

​May 2013

​Yellow always Brightens our Day!!! :) :) :)

Nothing says summer, like yellow lilies.​  I love these flowers because they remind me, Hannah of the sun.  I am so thankful we grow these around our cottage, so I have the reminder of the sun always just like the son that can be found in my heart.


Wild At Heart

May 2013

True Beauty can just be simple and yet completley uncontainable, like the Love in my heart

Here is a little Beauty my daddy and I found when we were walking through the woods.  Perfect and lovely; I love this flower because it is pure white and reminds me of my Lord.

Glorious Gerber Daisy

May 2013

Mummies official Mother's Day Plant!!!  :) :) :)

My Brother and I hand picked this for Mommy.  We even replanted it in a larger container with an easy self water hole.  I love its color and love its Beauty like my Mommy.  It reminds me of a Glorious morning, found at sunrise, which is why it's my Glorious Gerber.  They are easy to care for and can be found at your local garden center and are lovely to have around to always remind one of Glorious days.

Sweet Clover

May 2013

They're finally in bloom!!! :) :) :)

Mummy loves these sweet smelling wild flowers.  I love to pick them for her and can spend hours doing so in the fields near our cottage.  The bees and I have fun in the meadows, just enjoying the sweet fragrance, these little cleaver clover create.



Pleasant Peonnies 

May 2013

Peonies from my Papaw & Mamaw's garden!!!  :) :) :)

Pink, is one of my, Hannah's, favorite colors and to find it in such a lovely flower, is truly magnificent. I can sit and smell Peonies all day.  They are a sweet smell to the nose, the way honey is sweet to the mouth.  If you have never experienced Peony Goodness, we highly encourage you to do so today.

Salvia Delight

May 2013

They seem to be a mix of Lavender and mint...

There is always something, Delightful about Salvia.  It not only is Beautiful to look at with its simplistic beauty, it also is very easy to care for.  If you don't have this dainty delight in your garden, try it sometimes and see for yourself how beautiful and easy it can be.



Spring is In the air

May 12, 2013

​ ​Look at the Pleasant Surprise from my Papaw & Mamaw to my Mummy.  What Great Mother's Day gift. :) :) :)

Nothing says spring, like Orchids and Lilacs.​  Not only do they smell great but they also look so lovely.  There is something so inviting about hues of purple, from light to dark, they are always encouraging a lightness of heart.  If you don't have any orchids or lilacs in your yard, and if you have the room, we highly encourage you to plant some today and begin to enjoy a lightness of heart every spring.

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