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Great Gardening Gestures

Fall/Winter Lasagna for a Springs Feast

Supper Easy and Fun For Everyone:

Maybe you've missed the seeding process for a fall harvest, depending on where you live but know there is still time to make preparations for a great garden, next year and it will also help in the fall clean up of your yard.  How, you may say?  Make a Lasagna Garden, It's easy, you can throw all your organic material (Leaves, hay, etc) into your garden or pick out a new spot in your yard and start a new garden instead, with no digging and hassle and be ready, all in time for next year come spring.


To get started you need a few things.




1. Newspaper

2. Water

3. Fallen Leaves/ Hay or (both)

4. Mulch (we get free mulch from a local tree trimming place, if we pick it up, check your local area for something similar)

5. Manure (organic preferably, we get ours from a local farmer who grass feeds his cattle.)

 Getting Started


1.  Cut down any weeds that may make it hard to lay your newspaper flat...

 2.  Lay down your newspaper heavily and wet it thoroughly in order to hold it down while you stack the other materials on top.

3.  Once the newspaper is thoroughly soaked, start layering your garden or new spot with the Leaves, Hay or both, Mulch and the Manure on top     because it is the heaviest and will hold it all in place)

4.  Set back and enjoy the fruits of your labor and let nature do the rest...  Come spring, You'll have a great piece of earth to plant some seeds and see a great harvest next year.

Cold Frames

Our friends, at Organic Gardening know a thing or two about cold frames and are teaching us a lot, here at the cottage about them.  It looks like a great idea, we think we are going to implement.  We'll keep you posted about our progress.  Here's to Great success, as you and your little ones give this a try.  Write us with your feedback and let us know how it goes because we love hearing from you.

Try a Fall Garden

There's more to fall than mums.  If you've never tried a Fall Garden with your children, now's the time, you can give it awhirl.  They are thoroughly enjoyable for the kids and relatively easy for everyone involved, especially with a little guidance from our friends, at KidsGardening.  It's amazing to see the kind of foods you can still enjoy, even as the weather turns cooler.  If you've never tried on before now, we highly encourage you to do so today...  Write us if you can and share your stories and pictures of your adventures.

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