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Grand Game Glimpses


This Series is one of our favorites, here at the cottage.  The games are fabulous and very educational.  The Fruit Tree is one of many games, that, everyone, here, loves and we highly recommend.  If you're trying to teach your little ones, the principles of God, found in His Word, these games are a great tool and we are confident, these games will become favorites in your cottage, as well. :) :) :)


If you have little ones, just learning to read and spell, then Starfall is a great tool to help.  These games are understandable and very engaging and little ones seem to love them.  They are a favorite at the cottage.  If you've never checked them and there materials out before, we highly encourage you too do so today.  With in just a short time of your children playing these games, they'll be reading and spelling in no, time and enjoying all the way. :) :) :)


The games on Time4Learning are wonderful, especially for pres-schoolers to 8th graders and are enjoyed by all the children, here at our cottage.  It's a Homeschool curriculum that can even be used with a school curriculum, if you school your child outside your home.  At Time4Learning, they incorporates a lot of on-line actives and games in order to encage your child in hours of fun filled actives, that will help your child in their present state of learning  or excel them to the next level.  


These games are highly recommended for all pre-school aged children and are quickly becoming a favorite, here at the cottage, especially with Hannah's little brother.  ABCmouse offers over 100 hours of fun filled activities for your pre-schooler and continue to add content daily, which makes them worth looking into.  They even offer a trial membership, for thirty days, which isn't bad and is a great way to experience the classroom for ones self, to see if it's a good fit.  We enjoy it and our sure you will also and can't say enough about this wonderful curriculum for pre-schoolers.

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