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Life at My Cottage

My Winter Beauty

December 2013

These were some pictures my daddy took that I just love. :) :) :)

October 2013

My Turtle

Turtler, My newest addtion.  He's a snapper and still a baby. :) :) :)

My Doggy

October 2013

Ruthie, My Doggy or our Black Version of BOLT, which is one of my favorite movies.

My Kitty

October 2013

Meow-Meow or MeowMe, my favorite little girl. :) :) :)

My Amos

October 2013

Our Family Kitty.

My Little Brother

October 2013

Elisha, My little Best Friend.

October 2013

My Mummy & Daddy

My World. :) :) :)

My Papaw

October 2013

I love this guy.  We have so much fun at the fair together.  I'm glad he is still here and very healthy, so he can keep up with me and my little brother. :) :) :)

October 2013

My Mamaw

I love my Mamaw!!!  I love talking with her all the time.  She is one of my Best Friends.   I thank God, she is still here and healthy, despite some of her physical challenges, that almost messed her up and took her to heaven before she was ready.  Again, Thank you God, for letting me keep her a little longer. :) :) :)

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