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Amazing Art & Artists

The Beauty of Spring

Garden of Grace

Blessings of Spring

There is something always magical about Spring.  Our Favorite time of the year. :) :) :)

The Beauty of Christmas

There is nothing lovelier than Christmas scenes by Kinkade to warm the heart and home or your computer for this joyous time of year.  We hope you enjoy the Holidays as much as we do and we hope the fullness of Christmas finds your heart now and throughout the coming year.

Blessings of Christmas

Christmas Chapel

Christmas at the Ahwahnee

Spirit of Christmas

Holiday Gathering

The Fullnes of Fall

More lovely fall Features, truly, simple but Breathtaking.  One can fully lose them selves in these paintings.  These scenes are oh, too real to us, especially with our cottage nestled near the woods.  The wonders of nature never cease to amaze us.  What a Great gift from our Heavenly Father, to get the chance to enjoy, these seasons, called autumn.

Autumn Gate

Blessings of Autumn

Fall Favorites

We are starting to enjoy, these types of scenes, here at our cottage and thought you might enjoy them as well.  There is something so special and breathtakingly beautiful about these simple, yet elegant paintings that truly inspire and calm ones heart with Hope and joy.  We'll be featuring more of KinKade's Fall Beauties and are looking to find you the Best Deals for inquiring His work.

Autumn Lane

Amber Afternoon

The Light of KinKade

I'm sure we've all heard bout this Lovely Artist,  but just in case you haven't, then let us introduce you to the, late Thomas KinKade.  He was known as the painter of Light, always making sure there was a light on in every picture or bursting through the clouds in order to let everyone feel the warmth of a loving God, who can rescue anyone from the darkness if they would let me.  Even though the fear and pains of a terrible childhood could never be fully erased, he was still able to find a peace and warmth that He was determined to share with the world.  We Feel that is why, He was the most popular, living artist of His Time. We don't know about you?  But Thomas KinKade is one of are all time favorites here, at the Cottage and we can never seem to get enough of His spectacular work.

We love His work so much; we are going to showcase all His pieces as a tribute, to this wonderful Artist, who was truly, a light and warmth to this often cold, curl world.  We Hope you enjoy the next few weeks and Months as we, respectfully present, each piece, which will hopefully brighten your days and encourage you and your family to always know and feel the Light and warmth from above.  If you don't already have one of His lovely pieces in your Home, we highly encourage you to look at the many Breathtaking Images and select the right one for you and your family, which will speak and encourage you now and for many more years to come.



Coming Soon

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