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Magnificent Movie Masterpieces

Christmas in Connecticut

This movie is a laugh a minute.  A Great Christmas classic the whole family will enjoy.  It has been one of our favorites at the cottage for many years and hopefully it will be one of your delights for the Holidays as well.

SuperBook the Series

This is a fabulous series and a great success, at our cottage.  We recommend it to everyone; we even give some away.  These DVD’s really are some of our favorites.  We don't know how many, of you, remember, the old series but for any, of you, who do, this new series, by far, supersedes, them all.  This is a great tool for all parents trying to impart, godly principles into their children, in a fun adventurism way.  We at the cottage are personally friends with some of the makers of Superbook and can't say enough, about their expert qualities, as an artist and their brilliance for animation, in order to bring a new fresh outlook to an old series, while inspiring all who experience it.  It really is an experience when you watch them with your little ones.  It's nice, as a mother to allow your child to watch a movie you don't have to worry about for some reason or another

Pride and Prejudice

This is a classic and one of our most beloved and treasured features of Jane Austin, at the cottage.  In fact at three Hannah was quoting lines from the move, still does, on occasion.  It is a great film that really does expose the vulnerabilities found in each of us that can either be good or bad and hopefully will make us a little wiser, to never judge a book by it's cover and to never just take someone at there word, that their character can not keep them.

Return to Me

This movie is our Romantic Comedy section on our movie masterpieces cover feature.  This film is a mile a minute great laugh and a very fun loving.  It is a great favorite, her at the cottage and a must for everyone’s home collection.  If ever you are having a day and need a great laugh and cheering up, then this is the movie to do it.  You go full circle with this story and walk away truly hopefully and fully convinced everything will work out, someway, somehow, even if it is not the way you thought it would, it still works out.  If you haven't enjoyed this lovely enduring film before, we highly encourage you.  Preschoolers may not understand it but older children will and will enjoy it.  Something, worth considering, when allowing your children to watch it and that is there are a few spots that use light language, the H word and D word but nothing compared to what many face by just going to the store now days.  Hope this helps and Hope this becomes one of your favorites as well. :) :) :)

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