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Priceless Princess


A Story Last Forever

Something, we love to do, often, at the cottage is create stories about each other, then draw pictures about that story.    We make the stories simple, yet fun like Mommy and Hannah dancing and dressing up for a ball.  It's fun to use your imaginations, especially when you design ball gowns.  The sky is the limit and your limit is your imagination and our children seem to have great ones.  I, Mommy, look at this time as a short season, here one minute and gone the next and a time I want to savor forever,  we hope you feel the same about the small tokens of time you spend with your little ones.  They really are Blessings to us. :) :) :)

Nails are Nice

One of the finest ways and quickest ways to spend together is painting each others nails.  If you have time to get a manicure and pedicure, that's great but sometimes its extra special when you spend that time together painting each other's nails.  I, Mommy have even allowed them to use colored pencils, if I was in a hurry and we didn't have time for a big mess, that nail polish often brings.  I know we've all taken the time to paint our child's nails but sometimes, amongst all the craziness, we can forget such a quick, yet simple fun time together. :) :) :)

Roll 'em Up

One of the simplest, yet funniest times with mommy, is Beauty Shop Time.  Make a Day of it by curling each other's hair and styling it, any, which way comes.  If you’re really daring you can go out with your new hair do, personally done by your child in order to showoff and showcase, their handy work.  I, Mommy wouldn't recommend this but I, even allowed Hannah to cut my hair, not once but twice.  I needed to clean it up a little, after each cut but overall I was very happy with her work and it helped encourage her natural, creative talent, when all was said and done.

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