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Melodic Music Makers


We love Christmas Music, here at the cottage and love this relatively new group, Pentatonix, especially their Christmas album.  If you haven't heard them then check them out by clicking on their picture to the right in order to hear one of our favorites, Little Drummer Boy.  Pickup your own copy today, at our bookstore or got to their website :

David Nevue

David Nevue; is a hidden treasure.  We came arcross his music not to long ago.  It was love at first sound, when we heard it for the first time.  His music is so uplifting and refreshing; we feature His music throughout the entire cottage and website, as a way to bring you only the best.  If you like this little small collection we complied her at the cottage you love all his music, which can be obtained at our bookstore or from his own website:  We highly encourage you to view all his work today and starting taking an exellent journey into complete light, love and adoration found in his music.  The songs we feature are, A Tiny Heartbeat, Down by the Sally Gardens, Overcome, Chasing Shadows,   In Gods Hands, Be Still My Soul, Hand in Hand, Castle Hunting...


Special Thanks, to Michael and Lisa Gungor for letting us showcase your wonderful song, Beautiful Things, in our Mum&Me Time Video... If you like this song, check out the rest of the songs on their album, they are just as great. "Gungor-Beautiful Things (album)", sound recording administered by:
WMG. Go to our bookstore to order your own copy today!!!

We Love the Gungors!!! It is a great honor to feature your work. My how time has flown from our ORU Days. :) :) :)


This is one of the best kept secrets.  We love this classical radio station and often, feature it at our cottage.  If you've not visited them before now, we Highly encourage you to do so. They are worth every your time and rest to sure worth every moment of enjoyable music they present.  :) :) :)

Luigi Piovano

There is nothing more soothing, than the cello.  This an all time favorite here, at our cottage, especially 13 - Suite No. 3 in C Major BWV 1009_ Prelude.  If you don't have Luigi already in your collection we Highly recommend his music today...  And take the time to start to enjoy yourself and all the beautiful things around you, especially as you listen to His music. Go to our bookstore and get your copy today!!! :) :) :)

Alison Balsom

Alison Balsom, is on of our favorites, here at the Cottage.  We play her often.  There is nothing like a trumpet, to lift ones spirits.  We also featured her song, Trio Sonata In C Major BWV 529_ Allegro, which is found on the CD to the right, on our 100% Natural Certified Organic Tea Video.   If you enjoyed that song, we know you'll love all the rest.  If you don't have any of her music we Highly recommend her music today in order to start rejoicing with the sounds of the trumpet in your own life. Go to our bookstore and get your copy today!!! :) :) :) 

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