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Creative Craft Creations

Lovely Flowers

A Sweet Mother's Day idea. ) :) :)

Cute Little Caps

These little charming creations are great way to add a child likeness to your holiday utensils by using them as ties around ones flatware and even spread in and amongst your center pieces.) :) :)

Bottle Angles in all Sizes

We found this to be a simple craft for children of all ages to enjoy and really use their imagination on.  There is no limit to the creative ability on this one. :) :) :)

Christmas Garland

We can't wait to try this at the cottage.  What a great creative recycled idea.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we have. :) :) :)

Autumn Banner

Banners are always a favorite, at our Cottage, especially for the Holidays.  We hope you like this one as much as we do.  When you get a chance, say hello to our friends, at ThirftyFun for sharing with us these lovely simple yet, inspiring decorations. :) :) :)

Nylon Stocking Pumpkin

Another, great idea from our friends at, ThirftyFun.  For a Craft, you can't get anymore easier than this, especially for a fun creative time with your little ones.  We at the cottage also like to dye the cotton, orange red, with food coloring, in order to give it an even more realistic look, and just make sure you let it fully dry.  You can also speed up the drying process by using a blow dryer.  Oh, and make sure you use gloves, if you decide to try the food coloring; otherwise your hands will look like the color of pumpkins. :) :) :)

Large Yo Yo Fabric Pumpkins

Nothing says fall, like pumpkins.  This is an easy, yet exciting project for you and your little ones to accomplish.  We Love ThirftyFun and all there, lovely ideas, which we often implement at our cottage and hope you'll enjoy them, as well.  We hope you find some of there features here, inspiring to not only try but even spurn you and your little ones onward to your own creative ideas.

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